"One Thing at a Time"


[Part 1]

Front Squat

3 Rep Max

[Part 2]

"One Thing At A Time" [ALL TRACKS]

For Time:
100/80 Calorie Row
60 Burpees Over Rower
40 Toes to Bar
200 Double Unders

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

Daily Mindset

“I want to see it, before I believe it.”

We are visually oriented people.
We seem to trust our eyes more than our other senses.

It’s why we call our ultimate direction our “vision”. It’s why in the middle of the night, if we think we hear something, we want to take a look before we feel safe enough to fall back asleep. We can hear news through the grapevine, but we doubt it until we see it.

Recognizing this, we can leverage it to our advantage. Many of us will agree that there is power in writing down our goals, and this is why. We begin to believe it that much more. It feels that much more real.

Write down our vision. Write down our goals. Write down anything that is important, not because it’s a mundane task… but because we need to see it, before we believe it.

General Warmup [0:00 - 5:00]

3 Rounds:
1 Minute Row
20 Second Inch Worms
20 Second Alternating Lunges
20 Second V-Ups
20 Second Active Samson
20 Second Active Spiderman

How to Run the General Warmup

WOD Brief - Stimulus [5:00 - 8:00]

The prescription is the stimulus, not necessarily what is written on the board.

  • Category: Threshold
  • Score: Time
  • Logistics: If short on rowers, a 12 minute stagger should work.
  • Row: Should take no more than 7 minutes to complete.

One Thing at a Time Coaches Video

How to Run the Whiteboard Brief

Specific Warmup & Teaching [8:00 - 12:00]

5 Quarter Squats
5 Half Squats
5 Front Squats

  • Pausing at the bottom and top of each rep.

Front Squat Teaching Video

Part 1, Front Squat [12:00 - 27:00]

Allow 15 minutes to build. If you want to put it on a clock, allow attempts on the 3:00.

Teaching, Part 2 [27:00 - 32:00]

10 Scap Pull-Ups
10 Kip Swings
5 Knee Raises
5 Kipping Straight Leg Raises
3-5 Toes to Bar

Toes to Bar Teaching Video

How to Run the Teaching Portion

Strategy [32:00 - 33:00]

  • Pace the row.
  • Find a comfortably challenging burpee pace and settle in.
  • Push the double unders at the end.

How to Discuss Strategy"

Practice Round [33:00 - 34:00]

5 Calorie Row
6 Burpees Over Rower
4 Toes to Bar
20 Double Unders

How to Run a Practice Round

Bathroom, Water, Questions [34:00 - 36:00]

Break for members to use the rest room as well as ask any final questions. This is also an opportunity for the coach to go around the room and chat with athletes regarding volume, loading, and modifications.

Bathroom, Water, Questions Video

Workout [36:00 - 51:00]

It is the coach's responsibility to bring the energy in the room for the workout. This may be the most important job of the coach, to make the class fun. There should be a big loud countdown to start the class, and every member should hear their name loud by the coach. This lets the member know the coach is watching them, and also creates a good feeling by hearing their own name. The coach should work the room and there should be no doubt, if someone walks in the room in the middle of the workout, who the coach is.

How to Run a Workout

Community Building [51:00 - 60:00]

Use this time to give the class a talk on how we should eat, move, think, connect, or sleep.

Or this could be a time for the coach to make 1-on-1 connections on a deeper level.

This may be some of the most important minutes of the entire class. Build your community here.

Community Building Video



  • Same Calorie Ski or Bike Erg
  • 80/64 Cal Fan Bike
  • 1 Mile Run


  • Burpee to Target
  • Bar Facing Burpee
  • Line Facing Burpee


  • V-Ups
  • GHD Sit-Ups
  • Knee Raises
  • Abmat Sit-Ups


  • 1.5x Rep Single Unders
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Plate Hops
  • 2 Minutes of Practice

Home WOD

For Time:
1 Mile Run
60 Line Facing Burpees
40 V-Ups
200 Double Unders

After Party

Not For Time:

15 Barbell Hip Thrusts

100' Single Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

15 Barbell Hip Thrusts

100' Single Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

15 Barbell Hip Thrusts