"Team Nukes"


"Team Nukes" [TEAMS OF 3]

1 Mile Run
Max Deadlifts (315/225) KILOS: 142/102

Directly Into...

1 Mile Run
Max Power Cleans (225/155) KILOS: 102/70

Directly Into...

1 Mile Run
Max Overhead Squats (135/95) KILOS: 61/43

Daily Mindset

“Perfection can be spelled with the word paralysis.” - Churchill

The act of “starting” is all too often the most challenging.

As human beings, our survival mechanism kicks in when we approach change. It sounds the alarm, telling us we are in dangerous waters. We may find ourselves forecasting to the future, vividly conceptualizing the hardships, obstacles, and all the tough unknowns that path may bring.

This defense mechanism is amazing for avoiding predators. It can save our lives! But on the other hand… It can also prevent it.

Breathe into those thoughts that run through our mind when we approach change. Recognize them. Accept them for what they are. And then put them where they belong, because it’s time to get to work.

Coaches Notes

General Warmup [0:00 - 5:00]

3 Rounds:
200m Run
20 Second Knuckle Draggers
20 Second Active Spiderman
20 Second Active Samson
20 Second Down Dog to Push-Ups

How to Run the General Warmup

WOD Brief - Stimulus [5:00 - 8:00]

The prescription is the stimulus, not necessarily what is written on the board.

  • Category: Grind
  • Score: Total Reps
  • Deadlift: Weights we can cycle for 10+ when fresh.
  • Power Cleans: Weights we can cycle for 5+ when fresh.
  • Deadlift: Weights we can cycle for 15+ when fresh.


  • Each teammate starts on different barbell movement
  • Teammates must run together for the 1 mile runs (holding a stretch band or jump rope)
  • Score is total combined reps of the team
  • All AMRAPs are 10 minutes instead of 8-10-12 as originally written for the individual version.

How to Run the Whiteboard Brief

Specific Warmup & Teaching [8:00 - 20:00]

With an empty bar…
5 Deadlifts with a 5 second negative.
With a light weight…
5 Deadlift with a 5 second negative.
With a moderate weight…
5 Deadlifts with a pause at the top of each rep.

  • Keep bar close to the body,
  • Get the 'slack' out of the back by pulling yourself into the bar before pulling off the ground.
  • Chest and shoulders rise at the same rate until past the knee.

Clean Specific Barbell Warmup
15 Seconds Upright Rows
15 Seconds Hang Muscle Clean
15 Seconds Front Squat
15 Seconds Tall Clean

4 High Hang Clean
REST, Cue punchout to receive the bar at it's highest point with fast elbows through.
4 Above Knee Hang Clean
REST, Cue hips back to receive the bar as if they are sitting on a tall stool.
4 Mid Shin Clean

5 Quarter Squats

  • Pause athletes at the top and the bottom. Cue armpits facing forward, and elbow pitts to the ceiling.
    5 Half Squats
  • Pause athletes at the top and the bottom. Cue athletes to squeeze shoulder blades together and up. As if they are trying to hold a pen between their shoulder blades.
    5 Overhead Squats

How to Run the Teaching Portion

Practice Round [20:00 - 21:00]

200m Run
5 Overhead Squats
5 Power Cleans
5 Deadlifts

Building to workout deadlift weight.

How to Run a Practice Round

Bathroom, Water, Questions [21:00 - 34:00]

Break for members to use the rest room as well as ask any final questions. This is also an opportunity for the coach to go around the room and chat with athletes regarding volume, loading, and modifications.

Bathroom, Water, Questions Video

Workout [24:00 - 54:00]

It is the coach's responsibility to bring the energy in the room for the workout. This may be the most important job of the coach, to make the class fun. There should be a big loud countdown to start the class, and every member should hear their name loud by the coach. This lets the member know the coach is watching them, and also creates a good feeling by hearing their own name. The coach should work the room and there should be no doubt, if someone walks in the room in the middle of the workout, who the coach is.

How to Run a Workout

Community Building [54:00 - 60:00]

Use this time to give the class a talk on how we should eat, move, think, connect, or sleep.

Or this could be a time for the coach to make 1-on-1 connections on a deeper level.

This may be some of the most important minutes of the entire class. Build your community here.

Community Building Video



  • 2,000m Row or Ski
  • 4,000m Bike


  • Good Mornings
  • Kettlebell or DB Deadlift


  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Sub Dumbbells
  • Power Snatch


  • Front Squats
  • Back Squats
  • Sub Dumbbell

Individual Version

"Nukes" [HERO]
1 Mile Run
Max Deadlifts (315/225)

Directly Into…

1 Mile Run
Max Power Cleans (225/155)

Directly Into…

1 Mile Run
Max Overhead Squats (135/95)

Home WOD

1 Mile Run
Max Dumbbell Deadlifts

Directly Into…

1 Mile Run
Max Dumbbell Power Cleans

Directly Into…

1 Mile Run
Max Dumbbell Front Squats

After Party

3 Giant Sets:
8 Banded Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
16 Psoas March Steps (8 Each Leg)
24 GHD Sit-ups