To live by the CompTrain Way means accepting
two simple rules:

Show up and
don't complain.

Simple as they may seem, these two decisions are radical acts, and they are what separate some people from most people.

While nothing is more straightforward than showing up, most people look for the quiet corners of life where they can hide, safe from failure and comfortable in complacency.

That’s not us.

We show up.

When the alarms ring, the race starts, or the intensity of the challenge increases, we fight for the courage and discipline to stand firm and push on.

In a world where most people yell and point from the sidelines, the CompTrain Way is about putting ourselves in the arena.

It’s also about understanding that being there is only half the battle.

The other half: to move forward, always.

We can not do that if we are complaining.

Critics and victims complain, and it is the telltale sign of a weak mind.

Complaining is an act of self-preservation in the face of change. When the world puts a challenge in front of them, most people shrink and resist and wish for things to forever stay the same.

That’s not us.

To follow the CompTrain Way is to know the power of words, stories, and attention. It’s to speak purposefully and to focus on the few things we can control. It’s to know things are happening for us, never to us.

To show up creates the opportunity for action. To never complain creates the opportunity for growth.

We commit to applying these rules to our training and our lives, knowing damn near everything else will take care of itself when we do.

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