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What our users are saying

Real experiences from the CompTrain community
It shows you your true potential.
Melinda Metten
A way of evolving in mind and body that is startlingly efficient.
Colin McCloskey
As a former collegiate athlete, I have always seen myself as someone who was fit. CompTrain has challenged me in ways beyond what I had ever defined fit to be. It is crazy to say that at 38 and after 3 kids, I am in the best shape of my life!
Ashley Yates
CompTrain has improved basically every aspect of my life. It's the most incredible community of hard workers, where it’s easy to do hard work and make yourself better.
Michael Curran
CompTrain helped me achieve the dream of competing at the
CrossFit Games in 2021.
Shannon Mckay
Leaner, stronger, faster than ever!
Drew Shempp
CompTrain and Ben have changed my life both athletically and personally. The BEST Fitness program out there. Hands down.
Brian Montgomery
United Kingdom
My fitness has skyrocketed.
Cory Leonard
It completely transformed my life. I'm down 85 pounds of fat, gained 15 pounds of muscle, and the biggest change is the one no one can see, my headspace
Bruce Hanson

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