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Get complete lesson plans & coach development content every week from, world-champion coach, Ben Bergeron. With vetted gym programming you'll love from world-class coaching you can trust, you'll become the best gym in town.

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Get unrivaled programming & coaching

Get complete lesson plans every week from, world-champion coach, Ben Bergeron. Video walkthroughs, whiteboard briefs for coaches and effective programming for members ensure you’re delivering the best class ever, every week.

All workouts tested a month in advance @:
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What’s included in Comptrain?

Everything you need to run the best classes in your area. Programming and accessory work, full lesson plans, coaching videos, whiteboard briefs from real classes shot in advance!

What's the structure of the program?

We program 7 days of training per week including a team workout Saturday and run-focused Sunday.

Are there scaling options?

Yes, we include scaling options and guidance in all workouts.

Does Comptrain Gym have training cycles?

We have training cycles for strength with a concurrent conditioning approach that builds the foundation. Our program will build strength, endurance, and capacity - together.

How long are the training cycles?

Most strength cycles run between 6-8 weeks. Our conditioning is concurrent not periodized and is 'always on'.

How does CompTrain approach gym programming?

Our goal is to build a global community of forever athletes and want your gym to be a part of it. See our 8 Gym Programming Principles which highlight the why behind how we program and what to expect.

How do I access the programming?

Access Comptrain Gym programming wherever you sign up. CTG is available on our web platform, here on OR with one of our integration partners: SugarWOD, PushPress, BTWB, or StreamFit.

Does Gym give me paid access to the CompTrain app?

A CompTrain Gym subscription does NOT give you paid access to the app. Although there is a free tier. There are plans to allow this in the future.

Do I get access to Ben/CompTrain Staff?

Yes! In addition to dedicated CompTrain Gym support staff, we also run a 1x/monthly call led by Ben Bergeron.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription or free trial at any time.

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