Bench Press 

On the 3:00 x 3 Sets: 

1 Bench Press 

Start First Working Set at 85% & Build

"3-2 Zone" 


20 Burpee Pull-ups 

Max Single Dumbbell Clean & Jerks 

Rest 2 Minutes 


20 Single Dumbbell Clean & Jerks 

Max Burpee Pull-ups 

Dumbbell: (70/50)

KG | (32/22.5)



30 Calorie Echo Bike

Max Devil Press

- Rest 2 Minutes -


20 Devil Press

Max Calorie Echo Bike

Dumbbell: Two (50/35) Dumbbells


  • Workout brief: https://youtu.be/WVGV3eHkW5I
  • Resource Links:  CompTrain Gym Resource Drive
  • To begin we have our final week of bench press in our current cycle. Athletes have the chance to test their 1RM and attempt a new PR or simply complete 3 sets of a very challenging single. For part 2, this workout seems short and sweet with its short time domains for each AMRAP. The goal here should be to see the short time domains and put as hard of an effort as possible in for the full 3 minutes. We can do anything for 3 short minutes, right?! Try to get uncomfortable fast and stay there! Single dumbbell, touching the ground between the legs on each rep. Burpee pull up height should be just out of reach of fingertips. With short windows to work within, pick a weight that keeps you moving the whole time. You should have around :90 to complete the “Max reps” portion of the AMRAPs.
  • Score | Number of reps for each AMRAP.
  • Burpee Pull Ups | :90 or less.
  • Clean & Jerks | :90 or less. Moderate load. 

The One | Teaching Focus 

Break the bar 

  • Today our teaching focus will emphasize performance on the bench press. In both the eccentric and pressing segments of the lift, cue athletes to “break the bar.” This will engage the lats and the upper back and provide a high level of stability for the lift. While “breaking the bar” athletes should have a slight elbow tuck by keeping them close to the body. 


DB Clean & Jerk

  • Reduce Loading
  • Reduce Reps 
  • Hang Power Clean  
  • Sub Kettlebell 
  • Empty Barbell Hang Clean & Jerk

Burpee Pull Ups 

  • Reduce Reps
  • Reduce Bar Height With Plate
  • Burpee to Target
  • Regular Burpees
  • :90 Calories On Any Machine

  • In part 1, you’ll have a great opportunity to celebrate wins within your class. Whether athletes PR their bench press, give great effort, or improve their mechanics in some way, do your best to publicly celebrate this in your class. Pay attention to athletes who need to a spot on their lifts. It’s discouraged to allow athletes to spot one another, so be aware and keep your athletes safe. 
  • In part 2, you can begin your athletes on different AMRAPS in order to manage limited space & equipment or to better control the flow of the room. 


Whiteboard Brief (3 Minutes)(0-3)
  • Refer to coaches stimulus notes
General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

Tabata Flow :20 on / :10 off 

  • Get out DBs & Bands 
  • Banded pass throughs 
  • Child’s pose with lat reach 
  • DB Crush grip floor press (2 hands on heads of DB)
  • No push up burpees
  • Scorpion
  • DB Crush grip floor press (2 hands on heads of DB)
  • Eccentric push ups 
  • Banded pull aparts 

Specific Warm Up (12 Minutes) (9-21)

DB Clean & Jerk + Burpee Pull Up 

  • :20 each 
  • Alternating DB Deadlift 
  • Alternating DB Deadlift + Shrug 
  • DB Crush grip Strict press (2 hands)
  • Burpee in place (slow)
  • DB Alternating  Hang clean 
  • DB Crush grip Push press (2 hands)
  • Burpee in place (faster, soft elbow drop)
  • DB push press (1 hand)
  • DB push jerk (1 hand)
  • Alternating DB Hang  C&J 
  1. Pause in receive of the clean & the jerk
  2. Focus on sound receiving positions and timing
  • Cued Full DB C&J
  1. switching on the way down, pausing at floor 
  • Kip swings :20
  • Jumping pull ups :20
  • Full burpee pull ups :20
  • Establish workout stations on the rig 

Bench Press | tell, show, do, check

Break the bar | Band Pull-Aparts:

  • Pull the band apart, focusing on engaging your upper back and spreading your shoulder blades.
  • Focus on utilizing the muscles involved in breaking the bar.
  • Break the bar | Push-Ups with External Rotation:
  1. Start in a push-up position with hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  2. As you lower yourself, externally rotate your hands outward, simulating the "break the bar" cue.
  3. Push back up, maintaining the external rotation throughout.
  • Paused Bench Press with Emphasis on Bar Spread:
  1. At the bottom of the lift, consciously focus on breaking the bar / spreading the bar apart while maintaining tension in your upper back.
  2. Pause for 2 seconds before pressing the bar back up.
  • 3 Cued light weight reps 
  1. Pause for 2 seconds at the bottom 
  2. Focus on breaking the bar throughout the rep 

Strength (17 Minutes) (21-38)
  • 8:00 to build to workout weight
  • Every 3:00 x 3 sets 
  • Transition to part 2 

Primer (6 Minutes) (38-44)
  • Practice Round 
  1. 6 Alternating Single Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
  2. 4 Burpee Pull-Ups
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed

Workout (30 Minutes) (44-52)

Look For 

  • DB Clean & Jerk |Timing of the pull and press. Cue athletes to finish the extension of their legs and hips before they pull the DB to the rack position in the clean and before they press the DB overhead in the jerk. 
  • Burpee Pull Ups | Range of motion. Encourage athletes to meet the standards of the chin over the bar at the top of each pull up. 

Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (52-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]

2 Sets of 


20 Burpee Pull-ups 

Max Single Dumbbell Clean & Jerks 

Rest 2 Minutes 


20 Single Dumbbell Clean & Jerks 

Max Burpees


“Excitement comes from achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey.”

Winning the award is exciting. Fulfillment is looking back at the hard work put in.

There’s irony when we think about defining moments. We build up in our minds that accomplishing that “thing” will be the ultimate. And when we get there, hell yeah will it be exciting. But the podium does not change who we are.

The real defining moments were the experiences that led up to those big achievements. The trials, the tribulations, the lessons learned. The early mornings. The late nights. The deep and unforgettable relationships we build through the blood, sweat, and tears.

The dopamine hit comes when we win; when we reach the goal, when we get the promotion. The everlasting fulfillment comes from the journey. And it’s a hell of a drug. 

After Party 

4 Sets

Max supinated ring rows 

20 Band Pull-aparts

Rest 1:00 Between Sets