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Tailor the programming to you

Whether you have an hour to train or three, we’ve got you covered. Choose between 30, 60, 120, or 180 minute sessions.

Access 7 days of training a week

You pick your rest days, not us. We deliver our world-class, time-tested programming every day of the week.

Know exactly where you stack up

Every day is a progress report. Get on our leaderboard, give some fist bumps, and push yourself to the top.

Learn from our expert coaches

Every day, watch as one of our athletes hit the day’s metcon and hear from a coach as they give you tips and tricks.

Connect with your fellow athletes

Nobody grinds alone here. Connect with other athletes on the Tribeboard and on the worldwide leaderboard.

Strengthen your mind and body

Dive into the CT University and learn what it takes to be more physically capable and mentally resilient.

Get the daily metcon for free

Start for free - no credit card needed and get access to our 30-minute training plan, coach's notes, PR log, workout tracking, and the leaderboard.

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3 Reasons to start your 14-Day free trial

Smart, sexy workouts: The best program in the world is the one you’ll do consistently. That’s why we ensure your programming is not only effective, but fun, challenging, and just a little bit scary.

Get your head right: We train the body so we can strengthen the mind, and we train the mind so we can strengthen the body. That’s why we don’t just pay lip service to mindset. Every day, start your training with the Mindset Minute.

Programming that adjusts: Stop trying to jam two hours of training into an hour. Instead, at the start of you training session each day, tell us how much time you have, and we’ll adjust the programming for you. You spend less time guessing or rushing, more time working out and getting results.

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