Push Jerk 

On the 3:00 x 3 Sets: 

1 Push Jerk

* Start First Working Set at 85% & Build To Heavy 


For Time: 

15-12-9 Clean & Jerks (135/95) 

30-24-18 Box Jumps (24"/20") 

Time Cap: 10 Minutes 

KG | (61/43)




Power Cleans 

Alternating Pistol Squats

Time Cap: 10 Minutes 


• Barbell: 185/125 lbs


• Barbell: 205/145 lbs


  • Workout brief: https://youtu.be/FEchTJU0tFg
  • Resource Links: CompTrain Gym Resource Drive
  • We’re finishing out our push jerk cycle with an opportunity to hit a PR or get more reps in at a near maximal load. In part 2, we want a moderate weight barbell (Grace weight) that you'll likely do singles on. We should be able to get at least 10 reps per minute with this loading.
  • Clean and jerk: Moderate. Singles 
  • Box Jumps: 2:00 / :90 / :60

The One | Teaching Focus 


  • Since we’re testing our 1 rep today and performing jerks in our workout we’ll focus on simple and immediately actionable teaching points that will improve our athletes performance. Focus on the timing of the legs and hips finishing the drive and then speed under the bar in the press. 

Through Line 
  • Cycle time 
  • In the clean and jerk, whether you’re doing singles or cluster sets it’s important to manage your cycle time intentionally. Step back from the bar, step up to the bar, pick it up. 
  • In the box jump, be intentional about the cycle time of your reps. When you land, step back, step up, and jump. 


Clean and jerk 

  • Reduce load
  • Reduce volume 
  • Hang variation 
  • Sub DBs

Box jumps 

  • Reduce height 
  • Reduce volume 
  • Step ups 

  • In part 1, give athletes plenty of time to build to their starting weight today. If the athlete looks and feels good they should attempt a new PR. Celebrate athletes' improvements in mechanics / form and celebrate new PRs. 
  • In part 2, athletes can be paired up if you’re short on boxes or bars. You can start one athlete on the box and one on the barbell. 


Whiteboard Brief (3 Minutes) (0-3)
  • Refer to coaches stimulus notes
General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General flow 

  • Get out barbells 
  • :20 Alternating box step ups 
  • :20 inchworm with push up 
  • :20 Tuck jumps 
  • :20 alternating spidermans 
  • :20 Box jumps
  • :20 air squat

Barbell flow 

  • 2 Rounds 
  • :20 stiff leg deadlift 
  • :20 back rack elbow rotations
  • :20 good mornings 
  • :20 behind the neck push press 

Specific Warm Up (10 Minutes) (9-19)
  • Clean 
  • 5 reps High hang clean 
  • 5 reps Hang clean 
  • 5 reps Mid shin clean 

Push jerk warm up | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish grip and stance. Hands just outside the shoulders, feet underneath the hips. 
  • 5 Dip and hold
  1. Focus on an upright torso in the dip 
  • 5 Dip, jump, and land
  1. Focus on minimal dip and a rapid turnover 
  2. Stick the landing to evaluate receiving position 
  • 5 Jump and punch 
  1. Focus on timing. Fully jump then punch the arms. Dramatize the delay if needed. 
  2. Stick the land to fix the receiving and OH position. 
  • 5 PVC jerk 
  1. Focus on timing. Full extension of the legs and hips and then punch. 
  2. Stick the land to fix the receiving and OH position. 
  • Push Jerk from Rack 
  1. 5 empty bar push jerks on their own.

Strength (20 Minutes) (19-39)
  • 10:00 to build to workout weight
  • Every 3:00 x 3 sets 
  • Transition to part 2 

Primer (6 Minutes) (39-45)
  • Practice Round 
  1. 5 Clean and jerks 
  2. 5 Box jumps
  3. 3 Clean and jerks
  4. 3 Box jumps
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed

Workout (10 Minutes) (45-55)

Look For 

  • Clean & Jerk: Throughline of cycle time. Timing of leg drive and then press. 
  • Box jump: through line of cycle time. Standing up all the way on the box. 
Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (55-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]

For Time: 

21-15-9 DB clean & Jerks 

50-40-30 Alternating lunges 


“Roses that are left unpruned can become a tangled mess of old and new canes, all competing for air and light.” - Elizabeth Roth

As the rose bush grows, it creates more buds that it can maintain. It doesn’t grow like a tree, as its physical size is limited, but the buds keep on coming. And if we don’t trim the buds down… the whole bush can exhaust itself and die.

Ideas are like rose buds. They constantly need to be “pruned” or trimmed. If we don’t trim our ideas, just like the rose bush, we can overwhelm ourselves.

Growth ideas are natural and it’s completely normal (and a very good thing) for new ones to come on a daily basis. But if we want to reach our full potential, it will require pruning, trimming, and a critical look at what needs to stay… and what needs to go.

After Party 

3 Sets 

20 Hollow rocks 

:20 Hollow hold 

10 V-ups 

:20 Hollow hold