Push Jerk 

On the 3:00 x 3 Sets: 

3 Push Jerks 

* Start First Working Set at 80% & Build To Heavy 


AMRAP 10: 

60 Double Unders 

10-20-30...Wallballs (20/14) 


AMRAP 10: 

60 Double Unders




  • Workout brief: https://youtu.be/vKPj_APv4F4
  • Resource Links: Strength Cycle Details Coaching Strength Cycles in Class
  • We’re in week 2 of our push jerk cycle and are simply looking to start our first set of 3 where we ended our final set of 5 last week. If we didn’t complete that set of 5 or if the load feels off for the day then target around 80% of your 1RM as a starting load. For part 2 we’re looking to burn up the shoulders and the quad with the jump rope and wall ball combination. We want the double-unders to feel like a moderate volume challenge each round and be something we could complete in 2 sets. For the wall balls we want to keep these in sets of 10 throughout the workout in order to keep the work rate high.
  • Double unders: Moderate volume. 2 sets or less each round. 
  • Wall balls: Sets of 10 w/ short rest.  
  • Target finishing the round of 40 wall balls.

Teaching Focus 

  • Jerk 
  1. The push jerk should get the lion’s share of our teaching time today. As one of the CrossFit nine foundational movements our athletes can benefit in more ways than just improving their jerk by dialing in the mechanics of a well-executed jerk. Focus on the following as you teaching 
  2. Vertical torso in the dip 
  3. Aggressive / rapid turnover from the dip to the drive 
  4. Timing. Full extension of the legs and hips before pressing with the arms.
  5. Straight bar path 
  6. Active shoulder position with the bar overhead 

Through Line 

  • Hand position 
  1. In the jerk, hands just outside shoulders with a full grip on the bar 
  2. In the double-unders, hands low and in front of the hips. You should be able to see the hands in your peripheral vision as your performing jump rope reps. 
  3. In the wall balls, hands outside and slightly underneath the ball. This placement matters so that you can maximize power transfer from the legs and hips into the arms and then hands. 


  • Double unders 
  1. Reduce volume 
  2. Single unders 
  3. Plate / line hops 
  • Wall balls 
  1. Reduce load 
  2. Reduce volume 
  3. Medball thrusters 
  4. Medball / goblet squats


  • In part 1, you can pair athletes up in groups of three. Call lifers on the minute in order to get eyes on everyone in your class at some point throughout the lifting session. Ensure safety around the rack by clearing the floor of any objects. 
  • In part 2, you could stagger start athletes if you need them to share wall space or medballs. Starting a second group as the first group finishes their jump rope should work well. 


Whiteboard Brief (0-3)

Refer to coaches stimulus notes

General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)
  • General flow 
  • Get out PVC pipes 
  • :20 jumping movement
  1. RD 1 | Jumping jacks
  2. RD 2 | Single unders 
  3. RD 3 | Double unders or single unders
  • :20 downward dog to push up
  • :20 alternating spidermans 
  • :20 bootstraps w/ reach
  • :20 PVC pass through 

Specific Warm Up (15 Minutes) (9-24)

Wall ball + jump rope 

  • 5 Medball squats 
  1. Focus on weight in the heels and chest high 
  • 5 Medball push press 
  1. Focus on timing. Reach full leg and hip extension then press the ball overhead. 
  • 5 Medball thrusters 
  1. Focus on timing. Fully drive the legs and hips before pressing the ball overhead. 
  • 1:00 jump rope 
  1. :20 slow, bounding singles 
  2. :20 fast singles, small jump 
  3. :20 workout movement 

Push jerk warm up

  • Establish grip and stance. Hands just outside the shoulders, feet underneath the hips. 
  • 5 Dip and hold 
  1. Focus on an upright torso in the dip 
  • 5 Dip, jump, and land
  1. Focus on minimal dip and a rapid turnover 
  2. Stick the landing to evaluate receiving position 
  • 5 Jump and punch 
  1. Focus on timing. Fully jump then punch the arms. Dramatize the delay if needed. 
  2. Stick the land to fix the receiving and OH position. 
  • 5 PVC jerk 
  1. Focus on timing. Full extension of the legs and hips and then punch. 
  2. Stick the land to fix the receiving and OH position. 

Push Jerk from Rack 

  • 5 empty bar push jerks on their own.

Strength (15 Minutes) (24-39)
  • 6:00 to build to workout weight
  • Every 3:00 x 3 sets 
  • Transition to part 2 

Primer (6 Minutes) (39-45)
  • Practice Round 
  1. 2 Rounds of:
  2. 20 Double unders 
  3. 10 wall balls 
  4. Should be fast and unbroken with quick transitions.
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed

Workout (10 Minutes) (45-55)
  • Look For 
  • In the double-unders, hands low and in front of the hips. You should be able to see the hands in your peripheral vision as your performing jump rope reps. Small, efficient jumps and quick wrists.
  • In the wall balls, full extension before throwing the ball. Target full range of motion with the hips passing below the knees in the squat. 

Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (55-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]

AMRAP 10: 

60 Double Unders


Single DB thrusters 


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but rather by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Lewis Stevensen


The definition of success is whatever we make of it.


Many directly link results to success. And the lack thereof, to failure. But what if we reshaped that way of thinking. What if we measured success, as the seeds we “plant for tomorrow”? What if we decide that a successful day is deemed so purely by how much we learned?


We can view days as tests.

Or we can view days as opportunities.

Time to tend to the field.

After Party 

5 Rounds 

20 Hollow rocks 

:20 Hollow hold 

:60 rest