On the 3:00 x 3 Sets: 

1 Clean

Start First Working Set at 85% & Build


For Time: 

1-10 Toes to Bar 

10-1 Deadlifts (225/155)

Time Cap: 10 Minutes 

REPEAT FROM 11.23.22

KG | (102/70)


For Time: 

1-10 Toes to Bar 

10-1 Deadlifts (225/155)

Time Cap: 10 Minutes 

REPEAT FROM 11.23.22


  • Workout brief: https://youtu.be/XbA29oQX4Eo
  • Resource Links:  CompTrain Gym Resource Drive
  • In part 1 we have our final week of cleans in our current cycle. Athletes can attempt a PR today, but the focus is to lift as heavy as possible for 3 singles, building each set as able. Encourage athletes to begin at 85% if they are able. Athletes should complete whatever clean variation they have been performing in the past 3 weeks. In part 2, we have a grip and midline burner. Every round adds up to 11 reps. Athletes should pick weights and a TTB variation that allows them to complete all rounds of both movements in no more than 2 sets. This is a CompTrain repeat so make sure your athletes check prior scores if they’ve completed this before. 
  • Deadlift | Moderate. 2 sets or less. 
  • TTB | 2 sets or less. 

The One | Teaching Focus 

Press the bar. 

  • In both our deadlift and TTB we’ll focus our teaching on pressing the barbell into the body or pressing the rig away and down in order to utilize the lats. This will make athlete’s movement both more safe and efficient. 



  • Reduce Loading 
  • Reduce Reps 
  • Sub Dumbbells or Kettlebells
  • Good Mornings
  • Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift


  • Reduce Reps
  • Toes To As High As Possible
  • Knees To Chest
  • Sit-Ups   
  • V-Ups

  • In part 1, you’ll have a great opportunity to celebrate athletes publicly. Whether athletes hit a clean PR or improve some element of their mechanics, bring attention to these wins and celebrate them in class. Make sure to give your athletes plenty of time to build to a starting weight. We want all 3 of these singles to be at a challenging load fo 85% or above. 
  • In part 2, you can manage a large group by beginning athletes on opposite movements in the ladder. Group 1 would begin with 10 deadlifts and 1 TTB while group 2 would begin with 10 TTB and 1 deadlift. 


Whiteboard Brief (3 Minutes)(0-3)
  • Refer to coaches stimulus notes
General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General Flow 

  • :30 Bootstrap squat and reach 

Barbell warm up 

  • 2 Sets :15 each
  • Good morning 
  • Back rack elbow rotations
  • Behind the neck press & reach
  • Back squat 
  • Stiff Leg deadlift 
  • Front Squat

Specific Warm Up (10 Minutes) (9-19)

TTB | tell, show, do, check 

  • :15 Dead hang 
  • :15 Kip swing 
  • :15 Knee tuck 
  • :15 Increasing height toes to space 
  • :15 Full TTB or workout modification 

Clean | tell, show, do, check 
  • Establish stance & grip 
  1. Feet hip-width apart
  2. Hands just outside shoulders with full grip 
  3. Bar in contact with shins 
  4. Shoulders slightly over the bar 
  5. Eyes on the horizon 
  • 5 Dip & jump 
  1. Focus on full extension of the hips and legs while keeping the bar close
  • 5 Front rack quarter squat
  1. Focus on sound receiving position 
  • 5 Position 1 
  1. Focus on pressing the bar into the body 
  • 5 Position 2 
  1. Focus on the hips extending before you pull
  • 5 Position 3
  1. Focus on pressing the bar into the body on set up 
  2. Focus on full extension of hips and legs before pulling 

Strength (17 Minutes) (19-36)
  • 8:00 to build to workout weight
  • Every 3:00 x 3 sets 
  • Transition to part 2 

Primer (8 Minutes) (36-44)
  • 2 Sets to build from clean to workout weight 
  • Practice Round 
  1. 6 Toes to Bar 
  2. 6 Deadlift 
  3. 5 Toes to Bar 
  4. 5 Deadlifts
  5. All unbroken sets, goal finish time :90 or less
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed

Workout (10 Minutes) (44-54)

Look For 

  • TTB | Press the rig away and down in your hollow position. 
  • Deadlift | Cue athletes to pull the bar into them, or to press the bar into the shins on the set-up. Cue athletes to drive the bar of the group with the legs. 

Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (54-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]

For Time: 

1-10 V-ups

10-1 Double DB power cleans 

200m run after each set 


"Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity." - James Clear

Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.

When was the last time you sat quietly on where you would be in a year from today?

5 years from today?

10 years?

… 20 years?

It’s blurry, and should be. Yet this pivotal step is far too often missed, rushed, or even avoided all together. The result: we climb a ladder to a window we never fully intended to climb into.

This is where working harder meets working smarter.

In this journey, clarity is a weapon. It will bring light to situations where we need patience, and to others where we need action. Our guardrails as we steamroll down the highway, as effort and drive is our strength. We just need to continue to point ourselves in the right direction.

After Party 

3 Sets:

30 Hollow Rocks

Rest 1 Minute Between Sets