Wednesday, January 10, 2024


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"Marston" [HERO]


1 Deadlift (405/285)

10 Toes to Bar 

15 Bar-Facing Burpees 


KG | (184/129.5)


"Marston" [HERO]


1 Deadlift (405/285)

10 Toes to Bar 

15 Bar-Facing Burpees 



  • Workout brief:
  • Resource Links:  CompTrain Gym Resource Drive
  • In today’s Hero workout we’re looking for heavy deadlift, but one that does not exceed 85% of your 1RM. The toes to bar should be complete in no more than 2 sets. We’re aiming to complete around 10 rounds here: 2:00 rounds (deadlift and toes to bar on one minute and burpees on the other )
  • Deadlift | Heavy. 85% of 1RM. 
  • TTB | 2 sets or less. Under :45
  • Burpees | Complete in :60

The One | Teaching Focus
  • Press the earth away
  • Today’s critical teaching point is to focus on standing the deadlift up by driving the legs hard into the ground which is what creates elevation on the bar. Teach athletes how to execute the deadlift as a leg press more than a hinge. Cue driving the heels hard into the ground to begin the lift. 



  • Reduce load
  • Elevate pulling surface
  • Sub KB/DB


  • Reduce volume 
  • Single leg TTB 
  • Toes to space / Knees to chest
  • V-Ups
  • Abmat sit ups 


  • Reduce volume 
  • Elevated surface burpee 
  • No push up burpee 

  • Today’s workout involves a load and volume that can be challenging and also pairs with some risk for the athletes. It’s very important as a coach to ensure proper mechanics as our athletes choose the right load for today’s deadlift. Build it into your lesson plan to spend some time reiterating the need for quality movement before increasing the load. Athletes should consider “RX” to be whatever allows them to lift as heavy as possible with no deviation from proper mechanics. 
  • Organize your room so that athletes can quickly and safely transfer from movement to movement. 


Whiteboard Brief (3 Minutes) (0-3)
  • Refer to coaches stimulus notes
General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General flow 

  • Get out barbells
  • 2 Sets 
  • :20 scorpions
  • :20 Downward to upward dogs
  • :20 Inchworms 
  • :20 Hollow rocks 
  • :20 Bootstraps 
  • :20 No push up burpees

Barbell flow 

  • 2 Sets
  • :20 Stiff leg deadlifts
  • :20 Back rack elbow rotations
  • :20 Kang squats 

Specific Warm Up (16 Minutes) (9-25)


  • :10 Deadhang 
  • 5 Kips 
  • 5 Kip Swings
  • 5 Knees to chest 
  • 5 Toes to space 
  • 4 Single leg TTB each leg 
  • 3 Workout movement 


  • Establish stance and grip
  • Establish set up
  1. Bar over middle of foot 
  2. Bar in contact with shins
  3. Shoulders slightly over bar
  4. Eyes forward 
  • 5 Cued shin to knee deadlifts
  1. Focus in standing the bar up by driving the heels into the ground
  • 5 Above knee to lockout deadlifts
  1. Shoulders still over bar at knee 
  2. Aggressively open the hips to finish the lift 
  • 5 Cued full deadlifts 
  1. Focus on driving through the heels and the bar staying over the middle of foot. 
  2. The bar should not have to round the knee on the way up or the way down. 
  • 5 Cued light weight deadlifts 
  1. Evaluate set up position 
  2. Focus on driving through the heels and the bar staying over the middle of foot. 
  • 4 Building sets to workout weight 

Primer (6 Minutes) (25-31)
  • Practice Round  
  1. 1 Deadlift
  2. 5 TTB
  3. 5 Burpees
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed

Workout (20 Minutes (31-51)

Look For 

  • Deadlifts | Rounding the back. Encourage athletes to keep their back flat. Look for them beginning their pull with their chest up and eyes forward. Cue athletes to drive through the heels to start the lift. Look at the bar path, cue athletes as needed in order for them to maintain a straight bar path. 

Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (51-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]


10 DB Deadlifts

10 V-ups

15 Burpees over DB

Time Cap: 10 Minutes


“If failure is not an option, neither is success.”


We fear the one who is willing to lose it all. The one who is willing to play full out with no reserves. The one who swings for the fences.


That’s a dangerous person. Dangerous enough… to accomplish something great.


We all have a comfort zone. A status quo. It’s warm, cozy, and familiar. But it’s a box, with a ceiling and walls that we can see and touch. It’s a world that cannot grow further than what it’s already grown to.


If we want to grow, we have to climb out of that world into the unknown. To face that chance that we may fall flat on our face, because we’re walking in new ground. Yet, as much as a “swing and a miss” may sting a bit, there’s something far worse. Worse than any of that is the pain of knowing that we didn’t try.


Life is so short.

There’s no time to bunt.

Let’s swing for the fences.

After Party 


Abmat sit ups

Hollow Rocks

:30 hollow hold between