Front Squat 

On the 3:00 x 3 Sets: 

1 Front Squats

* Start First Working Set at 85% & Build To Heavy 

"Open House" 


6 Thrusters (115/85) 

6 Lateral Barbell Burpees

KG | (52)38)



6 Thrusters (115/85) 

6 Lateral Barbell Burpees 


  • Workout brief: https://youtu.be/wLvU_7sfRIg
  • Resource Links: CompTrain Gym Resource Drive
  • We’re in our final week of this strength cycle and have the chance to hit 3 heavy singles or attempt a PR today. In part 2 we have a fully body conditioning piece. The thrusters will require a lower body push and an upper body press. The burpees will recruit the total body while targeting our overall conditioning. The thrusters are a little heavier than what we’re used to in a workout but should still remain unbroken. Burpees should be a manageable pace but not something we’re slogging through with significant rest time. Full rounds should take :60 or less to complete. 
  • Thrusters: Light to moderate. Unbroken. 
  • Burpees: smooth pace 

The One | Teaching Focus 
  • Front Squat 
  • Target front squat teaching points today. Since we’re testing the front squat near our top end strength and also performing thrusters we want to give athletes a simple, actionable teaching point that will help them improve performance right away. Focus on teaching a straight bar path. 

Through Line 
  • Decrease distance 
  • In the front squat, decrease the distance the bar has to travel by keeping the bar moving over the frontal plan. Deviation fro the frontal plane will result in the loss of strength and increase the distance the bar has to travel. 
  • In the thruster, keep the bar over the middle of the foot / frontal plane to make the bar path from standing to squat into your press as efficient as possible. 
  • In the burpee, manage your position to the barbell so that you’re not forced to take any extra steps to get from your burpee to your jump or step over the bar. 



  • Decrease load 
  • Decrease volume 
  • Front squat 
  • Sub DBs 
  • Goblet squat 


  • Regular burpee 
  • Decrease volume 
  • No push up burpee 
  • Elevated surface burpee 

  • In part 1, we want to give athletes plenty of time to build to the appropriate percentage where they should begin their first set. If they look and feel good, encourage them to test a new 1RM today. Celebrate athletes during this time if you notice specific things they’ve improved over the 4 weeks of front squats. “Ring the bell” when your athletes PR here. 
  • In part 2, have a plan for your room set up. Athletes need space to perform their thrusters and then safely hit the ground for their burpees in that same station. Plan your floor layout and communicate this clearly to your athletes. 


Whiteboard Brief (3 Minutes)  (0-3)

  • Refer to coaches stimulus notes

General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General flow 

  • Get out barbells 
  • :20 downward to upward dog 
  • :20 No push up burpee 
  • :20 alternating spidermans 
  • :20 Burpee (step back, step up) 
  • :20 air squat
  • :20 Burpee (jump back, step up) 
  • :20 bootstraps 
  • :20 Full Lateral burpees over the bar 
  • :20 Stiff leg deadlift 
  • :20 Back rack elbow rotations 
  • :20 Goodmornings 
  • :20 Behind the neck push press & reach
  • :20 Back squats 

Specific Warm Up (10 Minutes) (9-19)

Front squat 

  • Establish stance and grip 
  • 5 ¼ squat 
  1. Focus on bar over the middle of the foot 
  • 5 Pause squat 
  1. 2-3 second pause 
  2. Focus on bar over the middle of the foot and high elbows
  • 5 Front squat 
  1. Focus on straight bar path 
  • 5 Front squat at rig
  1. Focus on the breathing. Brace before unrack. Hold throughout descent. Exhale as you stand. Rebrace every rep. 

Strength (20 Minutes) (19-39)
  • 10:00 to build to workout weight
  • Every 3:00 x 3 sets 
  • Transition to part 2 

Primer (6 Minutes) (39-45)
  • Practice Round 
  1. At workout weight 
  2. 6 Thrusters
  3. 6 Burpees over bar 
  4. Round should be fast and unbroken. If longer than :60, athletes should modify. 
  • Break
  • Workout adjustments if needed
Workout (10 Minutes) (45-55)

Look For 

  • Thruster: straight bar path. Timing of legs and hips reaching extension and then pressing. 
  • Burpees: Efficient movement, stay close to the bar. Pay attention to athlete’s pacing.

Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (55-60)


Home Workout  [DBs & jump rope]


6 DB Thrusters 

6 Lateral DB Burpees 

Rest 6:00 


6 DB Thrusters 

6 Lateral DB Burpees 


“If you aim at nothing, don’t worry... we’ll hit it.”


A clear and defined goal seems like an obvious first step. It is however often missed. 

It’s not that we don’t have any general goals or directions in mind… it’s that we tend to lack *crystal clear specificity*. We lack the concrete intentions that we need when we hit the chaotic storm.


If we have to pause to think about what our goals are, we have not yet defined them to the extent we need to have them stick. They need to come to our lips in the blink of an eye, as if it’s a subconscious reaction.


Let it be specific, measurable, and actionable. “I need to get better with money”, turns into “I will have $40 each payment transferred to my retirement account.”  “I want to get fitter”, turns into “I will eat 3 quality meals per day, 6 days per week, and go to the gym on Mon/Tue/Wed, Fri/Sat”. “I want to have better presentation skills”, turns into “I will take the improv class in my city every Monday for the next six weeks”.

Be intentional. Specificity is everything.

After Party 

3 Rounds 

Max reps strict pull ups 

12 DB crush grip curls