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Competition is our heritage. Training is our identity

The warriors of the world most formidable tribe.

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Unite with CrossFit's Elite: Hunt your goals as a pack.

The first competitive community ever designed to fuel collective inspiration and to elevate your game with like-minded athletes who are equally committed to pushing their limits. Here, we don't just adapt and grow as individuals; we excel collectively, both in the sport and in the richness of
our mental resilience.

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Lead by a legend.

Guided by the wisdom and insights of a 10-time CrossFit Games Competitor, Cole Sager, You're not just learning routines, you're absorbing the strategies and tactics of a seasoned competitor.

Spirit of the Games Award Winner.
10 Straight CrossFit Games Qualifications.

What people say about us

Hear from some of our amazing athletes.
A program that will bring the
best out of you, with a
community of coaches that have great knowledge and the ability to teach you how to do the movements and attack the stimulus appropriately. It’s a one
stop shop for improving your
health and fitness.
Artie Checchin
CompTrain has shown me a
structured (year by year) program that I can follow and know when AND WHY I'm getting into certain cycles throughout the year. The
Semis are what I aspire to achieve and CompTrain has improved my fitness throughout the years but
also structures my training to peak for the Open and have chance to move into higher levels of the sport.
Darren Lasso
"I'm a longtime member of
Heritage Artes Society. I think
it's an extraordinary testament
to the many talented architects
and artisans who live in Salguerro. I am always impressed by the society's advocacy."
Thomas Larson

From local throwdowns to The CrossFit Semifinals

Designed for athletes deeply committed to excelling in the sport of CrossFit, our program offers an unparalleled blend of precision-focused workouts and strategic insights, all under the mentorship of 10-time CrossFit Games competitor, Cole Sager.

What's Included

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Exclusive programming by 10x Games veteran Cole Sager.


Monthly cycle insights: Live training overview and Q/A with Cole Sager & Coach KJ.

Personal Guidance

Daily and weekly coaching: Individual piece guidance by Coach KJ and comprehensive insights from Cole Sager.

Personal Notes

Deep dive into Cole's training perspective: Including personal notes, his workout approach, desired stimuli, and internal dialogue.

Custom Leaderboard

Custom leaderboard to gauge your progress and standing.

Unique Communication

Unique daily message board for engagement and communication with the team.

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Built By Legacy

Pioneering in CrossFit programming, our longevity speaks volumes. Our experience isn't just counted in years, but in results, breakthroughs, and the unmatched reputation we’ve crafted in the CrossFit arena.

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