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March 12, 2024


Strict Press

In a 10:00 Window
Max Strict Press @ 80%
Max set to technical failure.
"Savagery" [BENCHMARK]
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks
Barbell: (135/95)
KG | (61/43)

Workout Overview

In part 1, our max sets are to be done to "Technical Failure" - This means the set is
stopped once technical proficiency is lost, not once the lifter can no longer lift the
weight. Today's barbell conditioning piece can go sideways quickly if we aren't
paying attention to our breathing while we work in the early rounds. Can you find a
conservative enough pace in the beginning rounds to allow you to consistently
maintain or pick up the pace through the end of the clock?

Scoring: Round & Reps


  • In part 1, it’s important to make sure
    athletes understand that “max set” does
    not translate to “set to failure”. Athletes
    should stop around 2 reps shy of failure on
    the max set.
  • In part 2, some athletes may choose to
    treat this like an EMOM in the first half of
    the workout and then ease into a slightly
    faster pace if they feel comfortable doing
    so. This format will make it difficult for
    athletes to share barbells. If you need to
    manage a large class with limited barbells
    you can provide a partner version of the
    workout by increasing the time frame and
    allowing partners to perform full rounds
    you-go-I-go style.

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