Frequently Asked Questions

CompTrain App

I'm a subscriber on the legacy CompTrain app. Will my billing transfer to the new app?
No. This is a separate app, so you'll need to cancel your legacy subscription and re-subscribe in the new app.

New App Transfer for Monthly Users: Please LOG IN to the new app with the same email address/password and select the 14-day free trial to ensure a smooth transition.
New App Transfer for Annual/Semi-Annual Users: We've emailed you directly with a step-by-step transfer guide.

Why don't I see my historical workout data in the new app?
We're looking at this. You will still be able to access workout scores in the old app during the transfer period. Simply create your new account with the same email address as the old app to ensure this is as smooth as possible for you.

I'm not seeing the full programming on the old app's home screen.
You'll find it in the Train section. Feel free to contact us at and we can send you programming in advance.  We're actively fixing this.

CompTrain Gym

Should I get CompTrain Gym if I'm a coach?

Absolutely. You don't need to be a gym owner to create an account and start getting the coaching benefits of our lesson plans and CompTrain Gym community.

How much does CompTrain Gym Cost?

There is no cost during the promotional period, November 2023. CompTrain Gym also begins with a 14-day free trial. After that, it is $39.99/mo

What is changing about CompTrain Gym?

We're upgrading lesson plans, coaching development, and content resources to be much more in-depth and practical for your team. This includes, stimulus explanations, modication options, workout objectives plus a video walkthrough.

In addition, we're now offering monthly coaching calls with the CT Gym community and a programming portal where you can manage your account.

So much more still to come!

In the past, CompTrain programmed 3 tracks (Compete, Train, & Sweat), will those be necessary going forward?

The Compete/Train/Sweat tracks had been intended to be pre-tailored variations of the same "Rx" workout. We're simplifying that. Our aim moving forward is to provide clear coaching tools in the stimulus explanation, modification options, workout targets and objectives, and other data that should equip you to modify the Rx version appropriately.

Why doesn’t CompTrain Gym use lifting percentages for your strength work?

The reason we don't do percentage work in our classes is simply because people don't show up enough to benefit from it. 

If we were to do an 8 week squat progression based on percentages, there is a good chance that a lot of your athletes will miss weeks in between. So they are then being asked to make jumps that don't make sense and they aren't getting the most out of it.

Instead, we're using more of a conjugate methods approach where we are asking the athletes to build to a heavy weight in order to get consistent touches on heavy weights. This also allows athletes to meet themselves where they are at on that day and not reach for a percentage that might not make sense for them. 

With life stresses and different recovery rates for our everyday athletes, asking them to hit 90% for a double just might not be responsible. So instead they are auto-regulating what they have to give each day for their lifts. This keeps our athletes strong, motivated, and healthy.

I pay for CompTrain Gym on SugarWOD, can I get free access to the web platform?

Unfortunately, there's not a way presently to pay for CompTrain Gym in one place but access it across all channels.

I’m a non-profit affiliate, do you have any discounts available?

Not at this time. We intentionally kept our monthly cost a fraction of the current market rate to be as accessible as possible for all gyms.