April 29th


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Strict Press 

Max Repetitions of Strict Press @ 80%

* To Technical Failure 

* Add 5# From Last Attempt (2/21/24)

"Goody Two-Shoes" 

On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds: 

10-1 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks 

Max Calorie Bike Erg 

Dumbbells: (50/35)'s 

KG | (22.5/15)


On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds: 

10-1 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks 

Max Calorie Echo Bike

For the Coach

Resource Drive

Workout Overview


In part 1, we’re back with our second time through Strict Press. Athletes should be targeting 6-12 reps at #5 heavier than the load they used the first time we performed strict press during this cycle. If athletes didn’t complete strict press the first time, they’ll target 80%.  In part 2, we’re working for 15 minutes straight through while trying to accumulate calories which means that we'll need to find a pace just under threshold that allows us to move fast and consistent.  Athletes should try to aim for an increasing calorie number each round, which means that we need to be careful in the beginning to stay in some control of our breathing and heart rate.  As the time on the bike per round increases, we should be aiming to hold a similar working pace on the bike each interval.


Total calories accumulated across all 10 rounds.


Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks | Unbroken sets with full lockout of both arms overhead.
Bike Erg | Consistent moderate to hard effort pace across all rounds.

The One | Teaching Focus

Explosive hip drive
Look for a powerful extension of the hips, with athletes driving through their heels.


Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks
Reduce Loading
Reduce Reps
Power Clean Only
Push Jerk Only
Sub Kettlebells
Kettlebell Swing

Bike Erg
Sub Row/Ski/Air Run
Sub Echo/Assault


With this time domain the bike screen should stay on and accumulate reps throughout.

If you are short on machines, you can add a different movement and have athletes alternate rounds.  For example:
Odd rounds: bike erg
Even rounds: ski

Organize your room so that athletes can transition quickly from DBs to their machine.

Lesson Plan
(0-3 minutes)

Whiteboard Brief

  • Provide workout overview
  • Review stimulus notes
  • Provide mods & subs overview
  • Ask for injuries & limitations

General Warm-Up
(3-9 minutes)

General Flow 0:20-0:30

  • Bike
  • Bootstraps
  • Scorpions
  • Bike
  • Downward dog
  • Alt. Spidermans
  • Bike
  • Inchworms + push ups
  • Squat jumps

Specific Warm-Up
(9-21 minutes)

DB Prep | tell, show, do, check 

  • :20 - :30 each
  • Alternating DB deadlift
  • DB swings right/left

Focus on squeezing the legs/butt to emphasize aggressive hip extension

  • Alternating DB hang clean
  • Double DB hang clean

Focus on quick turnover with the elbows

  • DB push press right/left

Focus on timing of legs extending then pressing

Focus on minimal dip w/ upright torso

  • DB push jerk right/left
  • Double DB push jerk

Focus on DBs ending “stacked” over the body

  • Double DB hang clean & jerk

Focus on aggressive hip extension in the clean, and timing of hip extension in the jerk

Strict Press | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish stance & grip

Feet hip width apart

Hands just outside shoulders with full grip

Bar in contact with shoulders

Elbows slightly in front in bar

  • 3 Cued reps

Focus on “cylinder of strength”

Squeezed legs, butt, & stomach.

  • 3 Cued reps

Focus on chin back first.

(19-33 minutes)

  • 10:00 window
  • Builds based on coach or athlete discretion
  • Transition to part 2

(33-39 minutes)

Practice Round 

  • 3 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks
  • 7/5 Calorie Bike Erg


Workout adjustments if needed

(39-54 minutes)

Look For

  • Clean & Jerk

Explosive hip drive.  Look for a powerful extension of the hips and knees, transferring force vertically to lift the DBs.

  • Bike

Breathing and Rhythm.  Emphasize the importance of controlled breathing. Athletes should sync their breathing with their pedal strokes to maintain a steady rhythm.  Teach breathing techniques for different intensities, such as deep diaphragmatic breathing during high-intensity efforts.

  •  Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (54-60 Minutes)

Additional Elements

Home Workout

On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds:
10-1 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks
Max Double Unders


“There is a reason between listening, and waiting for your turn to speak.” - Simon Sinek
Listening is a skill.
To not “hear” the words of another, but to truly be in the moment. To listen sincerely.

Most listen with the intent to reply. That is, as the other is speaking, they’re already formulating what to say next. In these moments, they are no longer listening. We’ve shifted towards “hearing”.

In conversations today, pay close attention to our thoughts as the other is speaking.

The intention is this:
Listen with the intent to understand.
Not to reply.

After Party

3 Sets
300’ Heavy farmers carry
10 DB floor press

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