March 25th


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Strict Press 

Max repetitions of Strict Press @ 85%

To technical failure

"Medulla Oblongata" 

On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds: 

30 Double Unders 

10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53) 

Max Calorie Bike Erg 

Score: Total Bike Calories

KG | (32/24)


On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds:

30 Crossover Single Unders

5 Kettlebell Clean & Jerks (53/35)

Max Calorie Echo Bike

Score: Total Bike Calories

For the Coach

Resource Drive

Workout Overview


In part 1, our max sets are to be done to "Technical Failure" - This means the set is stopped once technical proficiency is lost, not once the lifter can no longer lift the weight.

In part 2, we’re working for 15 minutes straight through while trying to accumulate calories means that we'll need to find a pace just under threshold that allows us to move fast and consistent. Can you find the sweet spot in round 1, so that you don't come out the gate TOO fast on our two movement buy in each round?


Total reps across all 10 rounds


Double Unders | :30 or less.
KB Swing | Unbroken. :30 or less. 
Calorie Bike Erg | :30 or more of work each round.

The One | Teaching Focus

Cylinder of strength For today’s strict press we want to teach our athletes how to maintain a “cylinder of strength” throughout the strict press movement. By gripping the ground, squeezing the butt, squeezing the legs, and squeezing the abs the athletes will be in a strong and rigid position to execute the lift. By design, the lower back contains a lot of muscles (called erectors). We  can both protect and train those muscles by maintaining an upright torso and keeping the midline engaged on the KB movements.


Double Unders
Reduce Reps
45 Single Unders
30 Plate Hops
30 Reps of Singles & Doubles (Mix of Both)
:20 On Any Machine

KB Swing
Reduce Loading
Reduce Reps
Single Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches
Empty Barbell Hang Power Snatches
Russian Kettlebell Swings

Calorie Bike Erg
Row/Ski/Air Run/Echo/Assault


On the KBS, end range of motion is fully stacked with kettlebell in the overhead position.

With this time domain the bike screen should stay on and accumulate reps throughout.

If you need to manage a large class you can run two groups and begin one group behind the other. This would be best executing by using two different clocks so that your focus does not have to be on clock management.

In part 2, if you’re short on equipment you can pair athletes up and have one group start 1:00 behind.

Lesson Plan
(0-3 minutes)

Whiteboard Brief

  • Provide workout overview
  • Review stimulus notes
  • Provide mods & subs overview
  • Ask for injuries & limitations

General Warm-Up
(3-9 minutes)

General Flow 

  • :20 - :30 each
  • Arm circles forward
  • Arm circles backward
  • Arm swings
  • Arm wraps
  • Trunk twists w/ feet planted
  • Trunk twists w/ rotations
  • Quad pull
  • Alternating reverse lunge w/ reach
  • Downward dog
  • Childs pose
  • Wrist stretch on floor

CT Barbell Flow :15 - :20

  • Goodmornings
  • Back squats
  • Elbow rotations
  • Press & reach
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • Front squats

Specific Warm-Up
(9-21 minutes)

Wall ball & DB Snatch | tell, show, do, check 

Workout Prep

  • :30 bike
  • :20 single unders
  1. Focus on stacked jumping position
  • 5 KB deadlifts
  • 5 KB “hip pops”
  1. Focus on loose arms and maximum power out of hips & legs
  • 5 KB russian swings
  1. Focus on loose arms and maximum power out of hips & legs
  • :30 bike
  • :15 single unders
  • :10 workout movement
  • 5 KB russian swings
  • 3 KB american swings
  1. Establish end range of motion
  • :30 bike

Strict Press | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish stance & grip
  1. Full grip on bar
  2. Bar in contact with shoulders
  3. Elbows slightly in front of the bar
  4. Squeeze legs, butt, & abs
  • 3 cued strict press
  1. Look for straight bar path
  • 3 strict press on athlete
  • 3 cued strict press
  1. Looking for “stacked” body position and maintaining a “cylinder of strength”
  2. Explain what we’re looking for in with “technical failure”
  3. Static focus on bar over mid foot while overhead

(21-33 minutes)

  • 10:00 window
  • Builds based on coach or athlete discretion
  • Transition to part 2

(33-39 minutes)

Practice Round 

  • On a 1:00 Clock:
  • 15 Doubles Unders
  • 5 Kettlebell Swings
  • Max Calorie Bike Erg


Workout adjustments if needed

(39-54 minutes)

Look For
Jump Rope

Good positioning.

Athletes hands should be down and slightly in front of them. Cue athletes to spin quick with the wrists. Cue athletes to jump straight up and keep from tucking or piking their feet.

KB Swing

Arm Position.

The arms should act as a lever, not as the primary force generators. The kettlebell should be swung forward by the momentum generated from the hip hinge, not lifted with the arms.
Emphasize that the arms are relaxed, and the grip on the kettlebell is firm but not excessively tight.


Posture and Alignment.

Check that athletes maintain a neutral spine and proper posture while riding. The back should be straight, and the shoulders should be relaxed.Ensure proper alignment of the hips, knees, and ankles during the pedal stroke.

  •  Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (54-60 Minutes)

Additional Elements

Home Workout

On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds:
30 Double Unders
12 Alternating DB hang snatch
Max Burpees
Score: Total Burpees


“I want to see it, before I believe it.”

We are visually oriented people.
We seem to trust our eyes more than our other senses.

It’s why we call our ultimate direction our “vision”. It’s why in the middle of the night, if we think we hear something, we want to take a look before we feel safe enough to fall back asleep. We can hear news through the grapevine, but we doubt it until we see it.

Recognizing this, we can leverage it to our advantage. Many of us will agree that there is power in writing down our goals, and this is why. We begin to believe it that much more. It feels that much more real.

Write down our vision. Write down our goals. Write down anything that is important, not because it’s a mundane task… but because we need to see it, before we believe it.

After Party

3 Sets
6 DB filly press right
6 DB filly press left
Filly Press = 1 heavier DB in rack while you press a lighter DB with other arm

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