Jun 3

Perfect Ten

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Bench Press

Max Repetitions of Bench Press @ 85%

* To Technical Failure

* Add 5# To Each Set From Last Attempt (4/15/24)

"Perfect Ten"

10 Rounds For Time:

10 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

10 Box Jumps (24"/20")

10 Push-ups

Time Cap: 18 Minutes


10 Rounds For Time:

10 Dumbbell Snatches, (50/35)

10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats, (50/35)

3 Ring Muscle-ups

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

For the Coach

Resource Drive

Workout Overview


In part 1, we’re back with our second time through Bench Press. Athletes should be targeting 4-8 reps at #5 heavier than the load they used the first time we performed bench press during this cycle. If athletes didn’t complete bench press the first time, they’ll target 85%. In part 2, we are aiming to keep moving through all 10 rounds without getting stopped up anywhere. We need to be hitting 1:30 each round in order to complete 10 rounds under the cap. Encourage athletes find a steady pace to hold, and if we have to break up the push ups it needs to be quick small breaks.


Time to complete work. If capped, add 1 second per rep not completed.


Dumbbell Snatches | About :30 of work or less
Box Jump | About :30 of work or less
Push ups | 1-3 sets completed in about :30

The One | Teaching Focus

Leg Drive
There is a lot of volume in today's workout, and it can be easy to burn the shoulders early.  Cue athletes to squeeze the legs first to initiate the DB snatch today.  Encourage athletes to use the box jump as their “rest” to recover from the other two movements.  Utilize a smooth pace to catch their breath and allow for minimal breaks on the push ups.


Dumbbell Snatch
Reduce Loading
Reduce Reps
Hang Power Snatches
Kettlebell Swings
Empty Barbell Hang Power Snatches

Box Jump
Reduce Reps
Reduce Box Height
Box Step-Ups
15 Squat Jumps
Reverse Lunges

Push Up
Reduce Reps
Hand Release Push-Ups
Box/Bench Push-Ups
Dumbbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Floor Press


Alternating hands on each rep of the dumbbell today.  Be sure both heads of the DB are touching the ground each rep.

Try to set up the room so that it makes for quick transitions between movements.

Lesson Plan
(0-3 minutes)

(0-3 minutes)

Whiteboard Brief

  • Provide workout overview
  • Review stimulus notes
  • Provide mods & subs overview
  • Ask for injuries & limitations

General Warm-Up
(3-9 minutes)

(3-11 minutes)

General Flow 0:20-0:30 each

  • Grab workout DB
  • Arm swings
  • Arm wraps
  • Trunk twists
  • Quad pulls
  • Scorpions
  • Box step ups
  • Tall plank hold
  • Downward dog
  • Box step downs
  • High to low plank transitions
  • DB crush grip floor press
  • Vertical jumps
  • Tempo push ups
  • Single arm DB floor press (right)
  • Single arm DB floor press (left)
  • Box jumps
  • Push ups

Specific Warm-Up
(9-21 minutes)

(11-23 minutes)

DB Snatch | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish set up with DB between the feet
  • 0:20 of each
  • Alternating DB deadlift + shrug

Focus on timing of squeezing legs and glutes then. shrugging

  • Alternating DB high pull

Focus on timing of full extension before pull the the elbow high and outside

  • Alternating DB push press

Focus on timing of fully extending the legs and hips before driving the DB overhead

Pause in OH position to check DB position

  • Alternating DB snatch

Focus on timing and DB position

Bench Press | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish stance, grip, & set up
  • Shoulder blades & butt on bench
  • Feet on the floor
  • Hands outside shoulders with full grip on bar
  • Eyes under barbell
  • Visible arch in lower back  
  • 5 Tempo empty bar bench press
  • 3 second negative, 2 second hold

Focus on 45 degree angle with elbows

  • 3 Tempo empty bar bench press
  • 3 second negative, 2 second hold

Focus on “breaking” or “snapping” the bar throughout the movement.

(21-33 minutes)

(23-35 minutes)

  • 10:00 window
  • Builds based on coach or athlete discretion
  • Transition to part 2

(33-39 minutes)

(35-41 minutes)

Practice Round

  • 4 Dumbbell Alternating Snatches
  • 4 Box Jumps
  • 4 Push-ups


Workout adjustments if needed

(39-55 minutes)

(41-59 minutes)

Look For

  • DB Snatch

Look for athletes squeezing the legs and extending the hips before they pull the DB with their arms.

  • Box jump

Looks for athletes reaching full extension in their jump to try and land high, rather than low.

  • Push ups

Look for Body Position.  Maintain a straight line from head to heels.  Avoid sagging or piking at the hips.  Engage the core to keep the body stable.

  • Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (59-60 Minutes)

Accessory Work

Additional Elements

Home Workout

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
20 Air Squats
10 Push-ups


“The only thing that is different about me, is that I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill.” - Will Smith

It’s not about the treadmill. It’s what the treadmill stands for.

Will Smith is not a competitive athlete. If he runs 2, 3, 10 miles… he’s still probably going to be highly successful in his career.


But that’s not why he is who he is. He’s not defined by what he’s doing, but how he is doing it.

Full heart, full commitment, full effort. Wherever we go.

After Party

5 sets:
3-5 Weighted Pull-ups as heavy as you can
*Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Sets

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