Mar 5

Strict Little Devil

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“Strict Little Devil”

5 Rounds for time of:

800m Run

8 Strict Pull-ups

12 Devil Press 50/35

Time Cap: 40 Minutes

KG | (22.5/15)


3 Rounds:

20 Double Dumbbell Thrusters

20 Burpee Pull-ups

20 Shuttle Runs (1 rep = 25ft Down & Back)

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

For the Coach

Resource Drive

Workout Overview


Long cardio piece with some strict pulling and some extra grip fatigue with the single arm devil press. Grip may become a factor quickly if we aren't breaking from the beginning to maintain our breathing and resting those forearms. Try not to get pulled out too early and save some gas for a push in the final round.


Time to complete work


Run | Around 4:00
Strict Pull-ups | :40 or less. 1-2 sets
SA Devil Press | 2:00 or less

The One | Teaching Focus

Retract the scaps
Emphasize scapular retraction and depression before initiating the pull-up. Athletes should engage their shoulder blades by pulling them down and back. This same teaching focus and cue applies to athletes who modify to ring rows as well.


800m run
Reduce Distance
4:00 Time Cap
1000m Row
640m Ski
1600m Bike
600m Air Run

Strict pull ups
Reduce Pull-Ups
Banded Strict Pull-Ups
Ring Rows
Alternating Dumbbell Plank Rows

Devils press
Reduce Reps
Reduce Loading
Single Dumbbell Power Snatch
Single Dumbbell Burpee Deadlift
Burpee To Target
Single Kettlebell Hang Clean & Jerk
Single Kettlebell Russian Swings


With a workout like today athletes shouldn’t have any issues with sharing equipment or space on the rig. You can pair athletes up and have one athlete begin with the Devils Press and one with the strict pull ups after the run. You can also stagger your athlete’s start times on the first run if they need to share equipment.

Lesson Plan
(0-3 minutes)

(0-3 minutes)

Whiteboard Brief

  • Provide workout overview
  • Review stimulus notes
  • Provide mods & subs overview
  • Ask for injuries & limitations

General Warm-Up
(3-9 minutes)

(3-7 minutes)

General Flow

  • :15-20 each
  • Arm circles forward
  • Arm circles backward
  • Arm swings(Up & Over)
  • Arm wraps
  • Trunk twists planted
  • Trunk twists w/ rotation
  • Quad pull
  • Knuckle draggers
  • Alternating spidermans
  • Downward Dog
  • Alternating lunge w/ calf raise

Specific Warm-Up
(9-21 minutes)

(7-15 minutes)

Strict Pull Up | tell, show, do, check

  • :10 dead hang
  • 2 set of 10 scap pull ups
  1. Provide teaching emphasis here as the focus for the day
  2. This is the initiating of the strict pull
  • 5 Scap refraction + elbow flexion
  1. Focus on sequence of strict pulling movement
  2. Scaps first, elbows back second
  • 3 Jumping eccentric pull ups
  1. Focus on elbows down and slightly back during the movement
  2. Sub to ring rows if needed
  • 3 Workout movements
  1. Establish subs and mods for the class

SA Devils Press | tell, show, do, check

  • Focus on timing of hip extension before utilizing the arms to pull.
  • :10 Alternating DB deadlift
  • :10 DB swings right
  • :10 DB swings left
  • :10 DB hang snatch right
  • :10 DB hang snatch left
  • 4  Alternating DB Devils press
  1. Focus on keeping the DB close to the body

(21-33 minutes)


(33-39 minutes)

(15-19 minutes)

Practice Round

  • 100m Run
  • 4 Strict Pull-ups
  • 4 Single Arm Devil Press


Workout adjustments if needed

(39-55 minutes)

(19-59 minutes)

Look For

  • Run
  1. Timing.
  2. If athletes are struggling to maintain the intended stimulus, encourage them to modify the distance for the remaining rounds.
  • Strict pull ups
  1. Teaching focus of scap retraction to initiate the pull.
  2. Cue athletes to “pull their shoulder blades back and down before bending the elbows”
  • SA devils press
  1. Keeping the DB close to the body.
  2. Maximizing leg drive before using the arms to pull.

  • Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (59-60 Minutes)

Accessory Work

Additional Elements

Home Workout

5 Rounds for time of:
800m Run
8 Alternating DB plank rows
12 Devil Press 50/35


“The only thing that is different about me, is that I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill.” - Will Smith

It’s not about the treadmill. It’s what the treadmill stands for.

Will Smith is not a competitive athlete. If he runs 2, 3, 10 miles… he’s still probably going to be highly successful in his career.


But that’s not why he is who he is. He’s not defined by what he’s doing, but how he is doing it.

Full heart, full commitment, full effort. Wherever we go.

After Party

5 Sets
10 DB crush grip curls
10 DB lateral raise
10 DB front raise

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