Jun 14

The Swing of Things

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Front Squat

Max Repetitions of Front Squats @ 90%

* To Technical Failure

* Add 10# To Each Set From Last Attempt (4/26/24)

"The Swing of Things"

For Time:

42 Kettlebell Swings

42/34 Calorie Bike Erg

120 Double Unders

30 Kettlebell Swings

30/24 Calorie Bike Erg

80 Double Unders

18 Kettlebell Swings

18/14 Calorie Bike Erg

40 Double Unders

Kettlebell: (53/35)

Time Cap: 18 Minutes


For Time:

42 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

42/34 Calorie Ski

120 Double Unders

30 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

30/24 Calorie Ski

80 Double Unders

18 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

18/14 Calorie Ski

40 Double Unders

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

For the Coach

Resource Drive

Workout Overview


In part 1, we’re back with our second time through front squat. Athletes should be targeting 2-4 reps at #10 heavier than the load they used the first time we performed the front squat during this cycle. If athletes didn’t complete the front squat the first time, they’ll target 90%. In part 2, we have a big cardio conditioning piece today and with a descending rep scheme, it's sure to get spicier as the sets get smaller! How do we strategize to make the most of our work and handle the interference that comes with these movements?


Time to complete work. Add 1s per rep not completed if time capped.


Kettlebell Swings | 1-2 sets
Calorie Bike Erg | 3:30, 2:30 and 1:30 or less
Double Unders | Completed in less than 2:00, 1:30 and 1:00

The One | Teaching Focus

Arm Position
With today's workout also having a lot of double unders we want to make sure in the KB swing The arms should act as a lever, not as the primary force generators. The kettlebell should be swung forward by the momentum generated from the hip hinge, not lifted with the arms.


Reduce Loading
Reduce Reps
Russian Kettlebell Swings
Single Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches
Empty Barbell Hang Power Snatches

Reduce Reps
3:30 Time Cap
42/34, 30/24, 18/14 Calorie Row
38/30, 27/21, 16/12 Calorie Ski
600/400/200m Run

Reduce Reps
180/120/60 Single Unders
Plate Hops
Reps of Singles & Doubles (Mix of Both)
Time On Any Machine


If your class does not have enough bikes for everyone to have their own, start another group once the first group finishes their first bike.

Lesson Plan
(0-3 minutes)

(0-3 minutes)

Whiteboard Brief

  • Provide workout overview
  • Review stimulus notes
  • Provide mods & subs overview
  • Ask for injuries & limitations

General Warm-Up
(3-9 minutes)

(3-9 minutes)

General Flow

  • 1:00 Bike
  • 0:20 Knee pulls
  • 0:20 Knuckle draggers
  • 0:20 Scorpions
  • 0:20 Downward dog + foot pedal
  • 0:20 Glute bridges
  • 0:20 body weight Goodmornings
  • 0:20 Line hops
  • 0:20 Air squats
  • 0:20 line hops
  • 0:20 cossak squats
  • 1:00 Bike

Specific Warm-Up
(9-21 minutes)

(9-23 minutes)

KB Swing Prep | tell, show, do, check

  • :20 Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts

Focus on hinging at the hips while maintaining a flat back.

  • :20 Kettlebell Deadlifts

Focus on  hip hinge movement and driving through the heels to stand tall, keeping the kettlebell close to the body.

  • :20 KB Hip Hinge & Pop

Focus on violent hip extension, driving the hips forward forcefully to propel the kettlebell upwards.

  • :20 KB Russian Swings

Focus on generating power from the hips, allowing the kettlebell to swing to chest level while maintaining a tight core and straight arms.

  • :20 KB American Swings

Focus on locked-out elbows and the bottom of the kettlebell facing the ceiling.


  • Establish position

Hold the handles of the jump rope with a relaxed grip.

The grip should be towards the end of the handles, allowing for better control and wrist movement.

Keep the elbows close to the body, pointing downward.

Hands should be slightly in front of the body so that you can see them in your peripheral vision while looking forward.

  • :20 High Singles

Focus on  timing wrist speed

  • :20 Fast Singles:

Focus on wrist rotation and quicken the pace of the jump rope

  • :20 Alternating Feet:

Focus on enhance footwork and coordination.

  • :20 Single-Single-High Single

Focus on controlling the cadence and wrist speed

  • :20 Single-Single-Double

Focus on speeding up the wrist for the double

  • :30 Practice

Front Squat | tell, show, do, check

  • Establish stance & grip

Shoulder-width stance

Hands just outside shoulders

Loose fingertip grip on the bar

Elbows high (upper arm parallel to the ground)

Midline is braced

  • 3 cued ¼ Squat & Hold

Focus on high elbows in set up and hold

  • 3 cued Squat & hold

Focus on high elbows throughout the rep and in the bottom position

  • 1 Cued lightweight rep

Focus on elbows high throughout the rep

  • 1 Cued lightweight rep

Focus on hips initiating the squat

  • 1 Cued lightweight rep

Focus on weight in the heels

(21-33 minutes)

(23-35 minutes)

  • 10:00 window
  • Builds based on coach or athlete discretion
  • Transition to part 2

(33-39 minutes)

(35-41 minutes)

Practice Round

  • 6 Kettlebell Swings
  • 6 Calorie Bike Erg
  • 20 Double Unders


Workout adjustments if needed

(39-55 minutes)

(41-59 minutes)

Look For

  • KB Swing

Emphasize that the arms are relaxed, and the grip on the kettlebell is firm but not excessively tight.

  • Bike

Emphasize the importance of controlled breathing. Athletes should sync their breathing with their pedal strokes to maintain a steady rhythm.

  • Double Under

Ensure athletes maintain a relaxed grip on the jump rope handles. Tension in the hands and arms can lead to fatigue and decrease performance.

  • Post Workout Clean Up & Chat (59-60 Minutes)

Accessory Work

Posterior Pump
For Quality:
100 Banded Glute Bridges
100 Box Hamstring Curls

Additional Elements

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